Tuesday, November 11, 2008



After being in Utah for only 4 months, Hyrum, Morgan and girls are moving back to North Carolina. I'm sad they couldn't stay and give Utah more of a chance. Oh well, they have to do what they think is best for their family. I was really looking forward to getting to know them better.

We all went to Leatherbys as a farewell to them. It was, of course, fun and delish! We love them and wish them luck. I hope NC is good to them!

Monday, October 13, 2008



After a couple of reschedules, today was the day for me to start donating plasma. I was really excited to make some extra money to save for a house. If I go twice a week, I can make $280/month...YAY!

Unfortunately, I don't have good enough veins and I'm NOT a candidate! That sucks... This would of been an awesome way to make extra money. The place I was going to go to is in my office building so it would of been so dang convenient. Sigh, oh well...

Nic has been doing this for awhile and loves making the extra money. At least he can benefit from it.


Nic is no longer going to donate plasma. He had a very bad experience and passed out! He felt like crap the rest of the day. This pretty much scared him away which he is sad about because this was a good way for him to make extra money.

[Yale Ward]


For awhile there have been rumors that some changes would be made in our Ward...boundary changes or something. The rumors have been confirmed! Tonight at 7 pm there was a 'special' meeting at the Stakehouse for the Yale I (us) and the Yale II wards. Sounded like a merge and sure enough, it was. During church, there were a lot of mixed emotions about the potential merge. It seems like the youth/kids are going to handle it better than the adults. We'll see...

At the meeting everyone was released from their jobs but asked to continue them while new people were called. Our new bishop is from the old Yale II ward so I personally don't know him at all. One of his counselors is from Yale I and the other from Yale II. I wonder what my job will be. I'm kind of bummed that I most likely won't be in Young Womens anymore. I've had an idea for the binder I want to make and just recently started on it. Now it will probably be for nothing! Bummer...

Also during the meeting, the Stake President (Clark Hinckley) gave a history of the stake and our building. It was pretty fascinating and I hope to get a copy of it. There have been quite a few changes over the years in this neighborhood.

It's going to be exciting to see what happens and to get to know more people!

Monday, September 29, 2008

[Forever in Our Hearts]


At about 11 pm Shawn got a call on his cell phone from Nic's girlfriend Jessika (yes, they are back together...). She was crying and said that she was worried about Nic, that he was talking about suicide. I went to his house to see what was up. On the way there, I was in shock that suicide would ever even enter Nic's mind. I just couldn't believe it, it's so NOT Nic. I guess there are a lot of parents out there that feel this way after their child kills themselves but seriously, I just couldn't believe it. While driving there I called him on his cell phone and he answered. He was sobbing so hard I had a hard time understanding him. I finally got the story out of him:

He was at the animal hospital, Piston had died. When he got home that night and went to feed Piston, he started hacking and eventually fell over and quit breathing. Nic tried to get anything that might be in his mouth out and then gave him CPR. He got him breathing again and rushed him to the animal hospital near his house. I seriously can't believe he did CPR on a dog and it worked.

At the hospital, they put him on a breathing machine and ran tests, did x-rays. Turns out Piston was born with a very small trachea. Bulldogs are known for having breathing problems but Piston was worse than normal. He'd already had a couple of problems with it and that Nic had taken him to the vet for. Unfortunately this time he didn't make it. They might of been able to get him breathing again on his own but it would of just kept happening especially the bigger he got. The vet said even if we spent more money and possibly saved him now, within the next month or so Nic would probably come home and find him dead. Nic was devastated. He loved that puppy so much. Almost $700 later and Nic has no puppy... The money's worth it if you still have a pet. Sigh...

Justin was camping with friends and had hurry back to say goodbye to Piston. Hannah came too. It was so hard to watch my sweet, giant son wracked with grief. Before we said our final goodbyes, Hannah and I ran to Wal Mart to get a couple of kits for Nic and Justin to each get an imprint of Piston's paws. The kits came with a frame that has the imprint on one side and a picture on the other. I'm glad they thought of this and I'm especially glad that Wal Mart is open all night and had them.

Unfortunately, we don't have very many pictures of Piston and they ones we do have aren't very good. On Sunday (9/28/08) Nic was going to bring Piston over and I was going to take a bunch of pictures of them. I'm so sad we didn't get that opportunity.

Oh, and Nic WASN'T suicidal, I knew he wouldn't be. It was hard to understand him and when he was telling Jessika on the phone what was going on, she heard died/dead and thought he was talking about suicide. She knew he'd been stressed about school and work and must of thought it was bad enough that he would think that was a way out. She even called the cops she was so scared for him. Unfortunately explaining to the cops wasn't something he needed to deal with right then but they quickly saw the misunderstanding and left. Poor Jessika...she was so worried about him. I appreciate that she is willing to let us know when she thinks something isn't right. I'm just glad she was mistaken.

Friday, September 26, 2008

[Body Worlds 3]


I was able to get free tickets to Body Worlds 3 from work. The did had preview showings for UUHC employees plus one guest. I was nervous that it would be gross and that I wouldn't like it. It definitely wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was pretty interesting but I thought there would be more to it. It was VERY crowded and sometimes hard to see the exhibits. I was a little disappointed but I'm glad I went.

[So You Think You Can Dance]


YAY! The day is finally here! The So You Think You Can Dance performance! Two years ago Stacia, Hannah and I went to Denver to see the performance with Dom. This year we invited all the girls in the family to come. We were hoping to have a big 'Girls Night Out' but some couldn't make it. It ended up being me, Hannah, Stacia, my Mom and Stacia's mom. We all went to dinner before hand at La Puente. It was pretty good!

Hannah, Mom, Stacia's Mom, Stacia, Me

The performance was a lot of fun and of course the dances were AWESOME! It was also awesome that there were 4 people that are from Utah...pretty cool! Hopefully they will tour here again next year so we can make this a tradition!

Me and Hannah (my youngest sister)
Stacia (my brother Joey's wife) and Me

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

[Scrapbook Expo]


I had no intention of going to the scrapbook expo this year. I'm trying to save money and the expo just isn't what it used to be. It was weird though because it's the first time I haven't gone in YEARS! I had a few friends ask if I was going and they were SHOCKED when I said I wasn't! Heck, I was shocked myself!

I was messing around on the computer at home and saw the class kit I got for my friend Sunni at the Lisa Bearnson Adventures class we both signed up for. She couldn't make it so I got hers for her. She lives in Midway so it isn't like I could just run it over to her. I called her to see how she wanted to get it and she was at the expo with our friend Melanie (I met them both at the LB Adventures and we hit it off right off the bat! They are AWESOME!). So I went down to the expo to give Sunni her kit. There was only 2 hours left and I was really surprised that they were still checking wrist bands to get in. There was NO WAY I was going to pay $12 to get for 2 hours...NO WAY! Sunni said she got some pretty good deals so she showed me what she got and then they went in to get me some stuff. They are so nice! I did really good and spent under $10. YAY!

Then we sat in the lobby for about an hour just talking. It was so good to get to know them better. I wish we lived closer so we could get together. They are hosting a scrap day on October 4 and invited me but that is the weekend I'll be in Denver. BUMMER! Hopefully they will do something like this again SOON and invite me!

Sunni and I also found out that our husbands work for the same company! How crazy is that?? Now I will know someone at the company parties! Shawn said he knows who her husband is but doesn't 'know' him. John (Sunni's hubby) works in the Heber office and Shawn works in the American Fork office. They haven't been to any of the company parties we have but hopefully we will all go to the future ones!

It was good to see new friends again, thanks Sunni and Melanie!

[Birthday Dinner]


I went to dinner with some of my girlfriends for my birthday. Corrin, Tiffany, Diane and Kerry were able to make it. Karen and Susan showed up for dessert. I've know all of them since elementary school and get together with at least Corrin, Tiffany and Diane every 2-4 months. Sometimes others join us which is always fun. It was great to see everyone and celebrate me! LOL! We went to Salsa Leedos (YUM!). The servers even sang "Happy Birthday" to me!

We had so much fun and they got me some great gifts. I'm lucky to have these awesome girls in my life!

Halloween gifts I gave the girls:

[Taste of Home]


My friend Elaine got tickets to the Taste of Home Cooking Show at Thanksgiving Point. She got me a ticket for my birthday...how nice is that? We went with Megan (Elaine's daughter) and Richelle. It was pretty fun and will be fun to try out the recipes featured. Apparently in the past there are a lot more vendor booths and free give-a-ways but it was still fun. They had quite a few door prizes but of course I didn't win...I never do!

One of the vendors was a freezer meal planning program so Richelle and I bought a package and will share the software and we each got a book. It will be interesting to use this program. I have wanted to do something like this for quite some time but just haven't actually done in on my own. I did the My Girlfriend's Kitchen for a while and like it but doing it all on my own will be cheaper. Now I just have to make room in my freezer!

[Get Away]


Shawn and I went to Park City for a couple of days. We went to a mexican resturant called Nacho Mamas. Shawn got enchiladas (of course!) and they were AWESOME! I got a chili verde smothered burrito and it was awful! I would totally go back there because Shawn's enchiladas were so good but that is the only thing I'd get!

We also went to the Alpine Slide. There are several different activities there so we got the day pass. Unfortunately we got there in the late afternoon and didn't get as much for our money but we still did quite a bit and had a lot of fun. Our favorite was the Alpine Coaster...way fun!

Alpine Coaster


It was a nice get away and we had a lot of fun together!

Monday, September 15, 2008

[WICKED Awesome!!]


Joey and Stacia took their kids to Lagoon today. They thought they might have Melanie's boys while Melanie and Aaron went house hunting but Melanie ended up coming too. Anyway, Stacia BEGGED me to go to help with the kids (without me or Melanie, there would of been Joey, Stacia and 6 kids all under the age of 8), and they were given tickets for Christmas and gave me one so...I went! Tianna also came with Shaylee, Tianna's two little sisters and her stepsister.

Stacia and Tianna took the first 'shift' of having the little ones (Hadley, Logan and Shaylee) while Joey and I took Noah and Tianna's sisters on the bigger rides (Melanie and her boys came later). After a couple of hours Joey and I took a turn with the little ones. Truthfully we were kinda dreading it but knew we needed to take our turn. It ended up being a lot of fun! There were even some rides that Hadley was able to go on...she LOVED it!!

I LOVE this picture of Shaylee and Logan! They are so CUTE!

The last ride we went on was Wicked. It's a new ride at Lagoon and most of us hadn't been on it before. (Except Melanie and her kids...they have season passes). This was the only ride I really cared about riding because I hadn't been on it and it looked so FUN/SCARY! It was getting late and the line was SO long...I was very nervous that they were going to shut it down before we got to go on it. The line went surprisingly fast (guess we shouldn't have been too surprized seems how the ride itself is like 15 seconds long!) and we were up there in no time. They have a new child pass off so parents can each ride the ride separately while one is with the kid. This way you don't have to wait in line twice. Because we were all together and some of the kids couldn't/didn't want to ride Wicked, we took advantage of the pass off. I went in the first group and let me tell you, this ride is AWESOME!! I seriously LOVED it and wish that we would of went on it earlier so I could do it over and over! There ended up being an extra seat after the pass off so I got to go again!! YAY!

My other favorite rides of the day:
  • Re-entry
  • Rattlesnake rapids
I have a couple of other favorite rides that I didn't have enough time to do. The Tidalwave and the swings...hopefully I can get to Lagoon again soon so I can fit them it.

What a fun, fun day!

Monday, September 8, 2008



Our anniversary (18 years!!) didn't turn out like we would of hoped. Shawn had a deadline moved up at work and didn't leave until 11 pm! So I took a drive to American Fork and got take out for us (Panda Express). Nice anniversary dinner, eh? Hey, you work with what you can and at least we got to spend a little time together celebrating us! Love you sugah!



Kerry and I have been friends for years...since elementary school. A couple of years after high school, she moved to Arizona for college. She got her degree in Mass Communications and when into the news anchor field. Because of her field, she moved several different places. In March, she decided to get out of the news business and come back to Salt Lake. YAY! Since she has been back, we have been spending time together and it's been great! I've missed her and I'm so glad she is back in town!

Kerry has been working for a company doing PR and marketing. Part of her job is to man their booth at Expos. At one of the recent ones, she ran into some girls (Lorna and Pam) that we went to junior high school with. They went to a different high school then we did and I don't remember really seeing them after that. Lorna and Pam ended up planning a BBQ and invited us to it. It was SO fun to see them after all these years! There were also people there from our high school that I haven't seen in forever. I wish that some more people would of made it...maybe next time! I really hope that we do something like this again soon.

Kerry, Me, Monaca Andreason

Pam Okumura, Lorna Burrell - party hosts; Pam's cute daughter behind
Lisa Walker, Ryan Lowther



My sister Melanie's twins were baptised today. Joey performed the ordinations. It was a nice service and good to see everyone. Terry and his family were there too but will be leaving on the 7th to go back to Seattle. It is Terry's oldest daughter's birthday...Happy 12th birthday Brynn!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On August 22nd Justin got in a car accident. He was going through the intersection on 1300 East at 1300 South. A girl made a right hand turn from 1300 South to 1300 East and T-boned him. Luckily no one was hurt. Apparently her car looked worse than Justin's. The little twerp texted me to let me know! He didn't give me any details but he did say he was okay. His car was definitely still drivable so when the cop said he could go, he came up to my work to bring me the accident report. I immediately called her insurance company to start the claim. (BTW, Justin said it sucked to get hit but the girl that hit him was HOT!! LOL...silly boy!) The insurance company was fast and by Tuesday we had estimates in to them, they had come and estimated the damage and gave us a check. The damage dang near totalled his car due to body work being so expensive and the age of his car. Along with the check, we also got a rental car for 11 days.

The damage to the car wasn't bad, so Justin decided to NOT fix it (he might have Nic do some work on it when/if Nic needs a project at school) and instead he paid off his scooter. He also put a two new tires on his car and got it registered (or will!). I think that he made a pretty good decision because the damage wasn't very noticeable and his car is 9 years old.

I didn't get the rental car until a week and a half after the accident. The office they referred me to is small and they didn't have much of a variety. The only thing available was a PT Cruiser (ICK...I hate them!) or a pick-up. Because of gas mileage, I went with the PT Cruiser even though they are UGLY! Nic calls it a PT Loser. Justin doesn't like it either but he doesn't have to drive it because he can't! I am driving it though because it's better than putting mileage on my old beater! Stupid, ugly PT Loser...!!

[Back to School]


Justin's first day of his senior year started today! Holy crap...I can't believe he's a SENIOR!! Craziness!!

Justin enjoys writing, especially essays, so his Language Arts teacher last year recommended that he take an AP English class this year. I didn't think it was a good idea because he has struggled as a student (doing homework, paying attention, going to class) and I didn't know if this would be too much for him. But he wanted to do it and I wanted to support/encourage him so he pre-registered for it. Almost as soon as school let out for summer, he started having second thoughts about it. At registration he visited his counselor and was told to get out of an AP class he'd have to get a signature from me, the teacher and the vice principal. Okay...easier said than done! I didn't want him to have to wait until the start of school because then he'd be missing classes to get it taken care of but tracking down the teacher was impossible for several days! She was either not in, attending inservices or whatever. It was so frustrating. If we had just known when she's be there (which we might of if she'd ever returned a phone call!!) he could of been there when she was. Instead, he had to go down to the school several times a day for several days before he caught her. FRUSTRATING! He was getting very annoyed to be wasting so much time...and I don't blame him! In the meantime I talked to the vice principal so there wouldn't be any issues with getting his signature (they don't like to let kids out of classes they signed up for in the spring). He understood my concerns and was surprised that that he was in an AP class to begin with (yah, me too! Not because he isn't smart enough...just doesn't have enough drive/desire.). Anyway, he finally got out of that class and into a regular Senior English. YAY!

With moving his schedule around to accommodate his new English class, he also had to move/change some others. Now he has the 3rd class of each day as 'Home Release', so no class. I don't mind home release but in the middle of the day is stupid. Unfortunately it wasn't available 1st or 4th. I sure hope this won't be a temptation for missing the last class of the day! And if it is a temptation, I sure hope he resists! Another class he got into was Yoga. Personally, I hate yoga (maybe because in the class I took, the teacher assumed we knew what was going on and didn't 'teach' us the positions...). When he got home from school, he said he loved it! I asked if it was because there are a lot of chicks in there or because of the class itself. He said there are a lot of chicks but he also enjoys yoga! He said it was very relaxing. I think it's awesome he is taking a class that not a lot of guys would. Just like Nic taking sewing for two years. Way to go sons!

YAY, it was a great first day back to school for Justin!

[Breaking Up Is Hard To Do]

Nic and Jessika broke up...again. It looks like this time it might be for good. I like Jessika but I don't think they are right for each other and they both need to move on. Poor Jess isn't handling it well. She's been bugging Nic, sending mean text, threw everything he gave her on his lawn, etc. I think back to they way I felt as a teenager during a break up and feel for her. I think it's easy to get emotionally crazy at that time in your life. I just hope they both move on and find the best person for them so they can be happy.

On a happy note, Nic said I get the quilt he made for Jess! YAY!!!

[Girls Night Out]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



[Pillow Fight]


I got a great deal at Costco on body pillows a few weeks ago and decided that is what we'd give my neices and nephews for their birthdays this year (except for the babies). Because of their size, the pillows take up A LOT of room and we don't have a lot of extra room in our small house. Luckily Justin has an extra closet in his room that is used for storage. To make them fit, I rolled them up, tied with string and put in lawn garbage bags. Today was Melanie's twins (Josh and Nathan) birthday. We went over there to celebrate and had to get out 3 of the pillows (they always celebrate Brandon's birthday at the same time because it is 11 days later). Nic and Justin helped me pick out which ones to give them and ended up putting the rolled up pillows on their arms/head to pillow fight. Silly, silly boys!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[Man's Best Friend]

Despite my advise to wait until he is finished with college, Nic got a puppy. He has wanted an English Bulldog and only an English Bulldog. He's pretty cute even though I am NOT an animal lover. His name is Piston.


The newest generation of iPhones are out and we got them! Shawn got his first (to check it out and make sure it was worth Justin and I getting...whatever!) and then we had to order mine and Justin's. Mine came the first day of CKU week so Shawn had to bring it to me. They are pretty cool and I hope they will be worth the added monthly cost (for unlimited internet). Now I need to get my voicemail set up and find a cute cover for it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


08.04.08 - 08.09.08

CKU this year was AWESOME!! I loved my first experience in 2005 but this one was even BETTER!

This year they added the "Lisa Bearnson Adventures" that were on Monday and Tuesday. They included a hike to Timpanogas Cave, Temple Square tour, Thanksgiving Point Gardens tour, manufacturer tours, and a keynote speaker/crop. I decided to NOT do the Timp Cave and Temple Square seems how I can do that anytime so it wasn't worth it to pay $40 for each. The only reason I did the Thanksgiving Point Gardens was because there was a professional photographer with us to give us pointers.

So here was my week:


Thanksgiving Point Garden Tour: I've never walked through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point (TP). It was really beautiful. The photographer/tour guide was so nice and knew her stuff. Most of what she went over I already knew because it was kept somewhat basic but I was okay this it. I think I got some cool shots for just messing around.

After the tours I met up with my friend Kerry. I've been friends with Kerry since elementary school but she's lived out of state for 15 years or so, she recently moved back and I'm so glad!! We had a yummy dinner at TP and then I stayed at her house that night. She lives in Lehi so it was way more convenient then going home each night and much cheaper than getting a hotel room! She's a sweetie for letting me stay with her!


Manufacturer tours:






Justin is so sick of paying high gas prices...I don't blame ya Son, I am too! But with how little teenagers make, the high prices are very frustrating. So he decided to get a scooter. I'm pretty nervous about it but we are signing him for a motorcycle/scooter defensive driving class. He knows that he has to be the defensive driver and always know what is going on around him. Still, makes me nervous!

He loves the scooter he picked out and is excited to get more for his gas buck!

Nic kinda likes it too!

Friday, August 1, 2008

[Wii FIT]


I was so excited to get a Wii Fit! I'd been calling around to SEVERAL stores and they were all sold out. Game Stop said they get shipments first thing in the morning, aren't guaranteed to have any in each shipment, and they are sold out within the hour. I decided to chance it and got there before they opened. It paid off, I got one!! YAY!!

Fast forward 4 weeks...yeah, I'm BARELY breaking this sucker out! It's pretty dang fun though. Man, the hoola hooping HURTS my hips the next day though! Now I just need to be consistent and hopefully it will start paying off!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

[George Ramon (Ray) Hoecherl]


My aunt Debi called me the morning of July 9, 2008 to tell me that my Grandpa Hoecherl died. After his second wife died in March, he'd been living with his youngest daughter Mindy and her family. Apparently he'd been outside watering flowers in the backyard and died out there. Mindy's daughter Katie and her friend found him 1-2 hours later and called 911. Katie (she's 11) did CPR on him until the paramedics got there. Because he was out in the sun and water for who knows how long, he looked pretty bad. I hope Katie is able to deal with this okay...poor kid.

I offered to go with Debi, Mindy and T to make arrangements for the funeral as a representative of my Dad's family. I'm so glad I did...I really think they appreciated it and I think I was even a help!

Debi and Mindy really wanted to do a 'wake' in celebration of his life and T really wanted a traditional funeral. We ended up doing both and it turned out really nice. Instead of doing the traditional viewing the night before, we did the family/close friends only wake. It was at Stark's Funeral Parlor and they did a very nice job. Hors d'oeuvres where served along with water/punch while everyone mingled and reminisced about Grandpa. A room was set up for the kids with movies and kid snacks. It was really nice.

The funeral the next day was nice too. Everyone on the program did a great job and I loved that Grandpa's kids wanted to involve every family as much as possible. A few things were placed in the casket with him that reminded us of him. He has worn Elsha cologne forever and it is definitely a 'Grandpa' scent for me. I added Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. He always had this gum ready to give to us.

In the obituary below the part that says "Pugsley" was my idea even though some didn't want it in. I really appreciate that everyone compromised and was willing to work with others needs/wants. Anyway, the reason I wanted it in there was my Dad always called his Dad "Pugsley" and his Mom "Mugsley" (my Dad had a nickname for everyone!) and I thought it was a nice touch to have a part of him there.

Debi's kids were very close to Grandpa, he has been the constant father figure in their lives. I love the pictures I got of Mike kissing the casket and Seth saluting it, I just wish I could of captured it better but I did the best I could with everyone walking around. I know Debi will love them.

I no longer have any grandparents alive... Even though I didn't see my Grandpa very often and didn't have a very close relationship with him, I have great memories and will miss him especially his sense of humor (love it!). Love you Grandpa!

George Ramon (Ray) Hoecherl Together At Last Our loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend reunited with his bride of 58 years on July 9th, 2008.He was born the first of four boys on April 21, 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah to George and Ethel Hoecherl. After a whirlwind courtship he married the love of his life, Verda Elaine Smith on November 29th, 1947. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple. He was devoted to his family and worked hard for them his whole life. He served faithfully in many church callings and was a significant support to his wife in her lifelong work with handicapped youth. He was a good man who taught us by example. He loved to tell jokes and stories. We love and miss you, Pugsley. He is survived by his children, T (Valerie), daughter-in-law, Sally, Debi Ellis, Troy (Pam), Mindy (Patrick) Jones; 28 grandchildren; 41 great-grandchildren with three on the way; brother, Lee (Patty). In addition to his wife, Verda he is preceded in death by his son, Kirk; second wife Elizabeth; brothers Bill and Larry; and a great-grandson, Cody. Funeral Services will be held on Monday, July 14th at 11 a.m. at the Meadowview Ward, 4575 W. 5415 S., Kearns, with a viewing one hour prior to services. Online condolences may be offered to the family at www.starksfuneral.com.