Monday, June 30, 2008

[Creative Memories]


Rachelle heard about a scrapbook thing on the CKU Yahoo Message Board. It was at the South Town Expo Center and sounded like it was a mini scrapbook expo. So we signed up! It ended up being a Creative Memories (CM) crop but it was still fun and I actually got something done! I got an AWESOME card kit from the CK Media booth at Scrapbook USA Expo a couple of months ago and put together about 2/3 of it. It's a big one...75 cards! I'm holding my favorite one in the picture. Speaking of my favorite one, I want to recreate it. It is a Thank You card but could be made into a Birthday card easily. It's round though so I was tyring to figure out the best way to do the circles. Lucky me that CM sells an awesome circle cutting system! Of course I bought it...I was seriously giddy about it! YAY!

We also met a lady that is going to CKU. She was working on a card swap she is in for CKU. I decided that I'm not doing any swaps for CKU...way too stressful! I MIGHT do something for the contests they are doing though. If I do, I'd better get my butt in gear! Anyway...we had fun and got a lot accomplished!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008



HOLY CRAP!! Justin is 17 today! Dang, I can't hardly believe it! Several weeks ago he BEGGED to get his gift early. He wanted a really nice air-soft gun and since he was air-softing so often with his friends, we got it for him early. The gun took up all of his birthday budget so it kinda sucked on his actual birthday gift-wise...oh well, he was excited when he got the gun! He still got a PS3 game from Nic, $ from grandparents and gas $ from us. At least he wasn't giftless on his actual birthday!

He chose Chili for his birthday dinner. Unfortunately Nic had to work and couldn't join us.

~Justin's original birthday~

~Justin's FIRST Birthday~

Not sure what the crap I was thinking but I went through a 'cut around EVERY picture' bad! Need to find the negatives...!

Happy Birthday Justin, I love you buddy!


I heard about these FIT Flops. They are supposed to give you great support and work your legs and butt while you wear them. Heck yay, I SO need these! They are pretty pricey ($50!) but Shawn told me to go for it so I got a pair! Bath and Body Works carries them and they are having their Semi-Annual sale (I need to stock up on soap) so off I went to get a pair of these amazing FIT flops!

I've been wearing them whenever possible (can't wear them to work...) for about 3 weeks now. Yah, haven't noticed a difference AT ALL!!! I totally got suckered into buying a VERY expensive pair of flip flops... I'm going to keep wearing them just in case (and to get my moneys worth even though I have WAY cuter shoes to wear!) but I'm not very hopeful...what a sucker...


I'm missing my Dad today...

For Father's Day Shawn originally wanted to go on a family hike/picnic. That didn't end up happening because it was hot so he wanted to just stay in and watch movies as a family. So that's what we did! )It was nice to have Nic "home".) His gifts included a walking stick to hike with, a ticket to the BYU vs. Utah game (his season tickets didn't include this because it's at Utah this year) and a ticket to Poison. Joey also got these tickets so they'll be going together! Nic also got him a part for his jeep. I think he had a good least I hope so! Happy Father's Day sweetie, we love you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


The radio station Hannah (my youngest sister) listens to was doing a contest for Kanye West/Rhianna concert tickets. Hannah and her friend wanted to go to the concert but the tickets were too pricey for their taste so they decided to enter the contest. They had to decorate an umbrella (because of a Rhianna song - "Umbrella"). It had to include things about Rhianna, Kanye West and the radio station (97.1 ZHT). Nic and I helped her brainstorm and she ended up doing an umbrella with each section decorated to a different song by Kanye West or Rhianna and one section for 97.1 ZHT. They also hooked up an iPod and speakers to the inside so it would play Kanye West songs (they didn't have any Rhianna songs on the iPod). It turned out AWESOME and they won the grand prize which was 2 front row tickets and backstage passes to meet Rhianna! YAY!!


Nic didn't want to walk in his graduation exercises. He decided that he didn't want to 'waste' his time with it. It's his graduation and his choice so I'm fine with that decision. We didn't order announcements through the school for this reason AND because they are so NOT Nic! I made his announcements and they are SO Nic! Of course I put them off until the last minute and then had to work hours on end to get them out. I'm not sure what the huge rush was seems how they didn't have to go out to announce a certain day, but I had to get them done regardless! I think they turned out pretty good but man was I sick of them by the time I was finished with them! I hope he likes them...

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Truthfully, I don't know when the last day of school is/was... My boys haven't gone since Friday. Well, they did go for a minute today to get their yearbooks. Yesterday was 'Raging Waters Day' which they didn't attend and tomorrow is Graduation which Nic doesn't want to walk, so they are DONE! I'll I know is: YAY! No more having to get kids up for school everyday!!

Speaking of yearbooks...Nic called me the other day and said "Ya know how the only picture I have in my yearbooks is the class one that everyone has? Well, I have a full page feature in Murray High's {Jessika's school} yearbook!" Too dang funny! I guess it was a picture from Murray's Homecoming and it isn't even with Jessika but with her friend Caitlyn! He's going to get a scanned copy of it for me.


Like I've posted previously, Nic LOVES Mustangs and has wanted one since he was a little dude (yes, he was once little!). After trying but not being able to afford a new one, he went a different route. He got an old '66! He LOVES it and is just glad he FINALLY has his beloved Mustang! He says it's his graduation gift to himself...what a dork!

It only has a couple of flaws on the body and he very anxious to start the Auto Body program at SLCC so he can fix them.

Have fun with your dream car son!


A few months ago when Nic got his Taurus and Justin bought his Grand Am from him, Justin decided to sell LaBoo {LBU}. To tell the truth, I had a hard time with it! LaBoo has been in the family for YEARS! She's gone through SIX teenagers in my family {Annie, Chris, Becky, Hannah, Nic and Justin} and I wasn't ready to let her go! She's not much to look at but she's been an excellent teenager car...what a trooper!

When Nic bought her, the summer before he turned 16 {2005}, from my Mom he went crazy grafitti-ing her up...kind like his room! On the hood he painted black rectangles which had something to do with the logo of a band he likes. I don't think he ever finished that project. On the inside roof, he drew tons of images...pokemon, band logos, lyrics, etc. It was a really fun, good little car for him even though he got pulled over ALL THE TIME in it!
It took Justin a few months to actually list and sell LaBoo and it's probably a good thing so I had time to adjust! Goodbye LaBoo!