Wednesday, August 27, 2008


On August 22nd Justin got in a car accident. He was going through the intersection on 1300 East at 1300 South. A girl made a right hand turn from 1300 South to 1300 East and T-boned him. Luckily no one was hurt. Apparently her car looked worse than Justin's. The little twerp texted me to let me know! He didn't give me any details but he did say he was okay. His car was definitely still drivable so when the cop said he could go, he came up to my work to bring me the accident report. I immediately called her insurance company to start the claim. (BTW, Justin said it sucked to get hit but the girl that hit him was HOT!! LOL...silly boy!) The insurance company was fast and by Tuesday we had estimates in to them, they had come and estimated the damage and gave us a check. The damage dang near totalled his car due to body work being so expensive and the age of his car. Along with the check, we also got a rental car for 11 days.

The damage to the car wasn't bad, so Justin decided to NOT fix it (he might have Nic do some work on it when/if Nic needs a project at school) and instead he paid off his scooter. He also put a two new tires on his car and got it registered (or will!). I think that he made a pretty good decision because the damage wasn't very noticeable and his car is 9 years old.

I didn't get the rental car until a week and a half after the accident. The office they referred me to is small and they didn't have much of a variety. The only thing available was a PT Cruiser (ICK...I hate them!) or a pick-up. Because of gas mileage, I went with the PT Cruiser even though they are UGLY! Nic calls it a PT Loser. Justin doesn't like it either but he doesn't have to drive it because he can't! I am driving it though because it's better than putting mileage on my old beater! Stupid, ugly PT Loser...!!

[Back to School]


Justin's first day of his senior year started today! Holy crap...I can't believe he's a SENIOR!! Craziness!!

Justin enjoys writing, especially essays, so his Language Arts teacher last year recommended that he take an AP English class this year. I didn't think it was a good idea because he has struggled as a student (doing homework, paying attention, going to class) and I didn't know if this would be too much for him. But he wanted to do it and I wanted to support/encourage him so he pre-registered for it. Almost as soon as school let out for summer, he started having second thoughts about it. At registration he visited his counselor and was told to get out of an AP class he'd have to get a signature from me, the teacher and the vice principal. Okay...easier said than done! I didn't want him to have to wait until the start of school because then he'd be missing classes to get it taken care of but tracking down the teacher was impossible for several days! She was either not in, attending inservices or whatever. It was so frustrating. If we had just known when she's be there (which we might of if she'd ever returned a phone call!!) he could of been there when she was. Instead, he had to go down to the school several times a day for several days before he caught her. FRUSTRATING! He was getting very annoyed to be wasting so much time...and I don't blame him! In the meantime I talked to the vice principal so there wouldn't be any issues with getting his signature (they don't like to let kids out of classes they signed up for in the spring). He understood my concerns and was surprised that that he was in an AP class to begin with (yah, me too! Not because he isn't smart enough...just doesn't have enough drive/desire.). Anyway, he finally got out of that class and into a regular Senior English. YAY!

With moving his schedule around to accommodate his new English class, he also had to move/change some others. Now he has the 3rd class of each day as 'Home Release', so no class. I don't mind home release but in the middle of the day is stupid. Unfortunately it wasn't available 1st or 4th. I sure hope this won't be a temptation for missing the last class of the day! And if it is a temptation, I sure hope he resists! Another class he got into was Yoga. Personally, I hate yoga (maybe because in the class I took, the teacher assumed we knew what was going on and didn't 'teach' us the positions...). When he got home from school, he said he loved it! I asked if it was because there are a lot of chicks in there or because of the class itself. He said there are a lot of chicks but he also enjoys yoga! He said it was very relaxing. I think it's awesome he is taking a class that not a lot of guys would. Just like Nic taking sewing for two years. Way to go sons!

YAY, it was a great first day back to school for Justin!

[Breaking Up Is Hard To Do]

Nic and Jessika broke up...again. It looks like this time it might be for good. I like Jessika but I don't think they are right for each other and they both need to move on. Poor Jess isn't handling it well. She's been bugging Nic, sending mean text, threw everything he gave her on his lawn, etc. I think back to they way I felt as a teenager during a break up and feel for her. I think it's easy to get emotionally crazy at that time in your life. I just hope they both move on and find the best person for them so they can be happy.

On a happy note, Nic said I get the quilt he made for Jess! YAY!!!

[Girls Night Out]

Wednesday, August 20, 2008



[Pillow Fight]


I got a great deal at Costco on body pillows a few weeks ago and decided that is what we'd give my neices and nephews for their birthdays this year (except for the babies). Because of their size, the pillows take up A LOT of room and we don't have a lot of extra room in our small house. Luckily Justin has an extra closet in his room that is used for storage. To make them fit, I rolled them up, tied with string and put in lawn garbage bags. Today was Melanie's twins (Josh and Nathan) birthday. We went over there to celebrate and had to get out 3 of the pillows (they always celebrate Brandon's birthday at the same time because it is 11 days later). Nic and Justin helped me pick out which ones to give them and ended up putting the rolled up pillows on their arms/head to pillow fight. Silly, silly boys!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

[Man's Best Friend]

Despite my advise to wait until he is finished with college, Nic got a puppy. He has wanted an English Bulldog and only an English Bulldog. He's pretty cute even though I am NOT an animal lover. His name is Piston.


The newest generation of iPhones are out and we got them! Shawn got his first (to check it out and make sure it was worth Justin and I getting...whatever!) and then we had to order mine and Justin's. Mine came the first day of CKU week so Shawn had to bring it to me. They are pretty cool and I hope they will be worth the added monthly cost (for unlimited internet). Now I need to get my voicemail set up and find a cute cover for it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


08.04.08 - 08.09.08

CKU this year was AWESOME!! I loved my first experience in 2005 but this one was even BETTER!

This year they added the "Lisa Bearnson Adventures" that were on Monday and Tuesday. They included a hike to Timpanogas Cave, Temple Square tour, Thanksgiving Point Gardens tour, manufacturer tours, and a keynote speaker/crop. I decided to NOT do the Timp Cave and Temple Square seems how I can do that anytime so it wasn't worth it to pay $40 for each. The only reason I did the Thanksgiving Point Gardens was because there was a professional photographer with us to give us pointers.

So here was my week:


Thanksgiving Point Garden Tour: I've never walked through the gardens at Thanksgiving Point (TP). It was really beautiful. The photographer/tour guide was so nice and knew her stuff. Most of what she went over I already knew because it was kept somewhat basic but I was okay this it. I think I got some cool shots for just messing around.

After the tours I met up with my friend Kerry. I've been friends with Kerry since elementary school but she's lived out of state for 15 years or so, she recently moved back and I'm so glad!! We had a yummy dinner at TP and then I stayed at her house that night. She lives in Lehi so it was way more convenient then going home each night and much cheaper than getting a hotel room! She's a sweetie for letting me stay with her!


Manufacturer tours:






Justin is so sick of paying high gas prices...I don't blame ya Son, I am too! But with how little teenagers make, the high prices are very frustrating. So he decided to get a scooter. I'm pretty nervous about it but we are signing him for a motorcycle/scooter defensive driving class. He knows that he has to be the defensive driver and always know what is going on around him. Still, makes me nervous!

He loves the scooter he picked out and is excited to get more for his gas buck!

Nic kinda likes it too!

Friday, August 1, 2008

[Wii FIT]


I was so excited to get a Wii Fit! I'd been calling around to SEVERAL stores and they were all sold out. Game Stop said they get shipments first thing in the morning, aren't guaranteed to have any in each shipment, and they are sold out within the hour. I decided to chance it and got there before they opened. It paid off, I got one!! YAY!!

Fast forward 4 weeks...yeah, I'm BARELY breaking this sucker out! It's pretty dang fun though. Man, the hoola hooping HURTS my hips the next day though! Now I just need to be consistent and hopefully it will start paying off!