Sunday, April 27, 2008


YAY...Justin FINALLY got his license! He took the driving test from A-1 (which is where he took driver's ed last summer) and passed with flying colors! The instructor said that he was one of the funnest students because he wasn't too nervous and would actually talk to her. He's so cute!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

[Scrapbook Expo, Disappointment & New Addition]


I wasn't planning on going to the Scrapbook USA Expo today because it is Shawn's birthday. When he decided to go camping, I still wasn't going to go because I didn't get into the VIP Area and was going on Saturday with my sister Becky anyway. But Richelle called a few days ago and asked if I would go with her. She wanted to stay the whole time...until midnight. I told her I had to work and then was going to the movie with Nic but I would go with her after that and stay until midnight. Nic and I went to the movie (21) at Jordan Commons because it is right by the expo center, that way it would be easy access for me! Nic likes Jordan Commons better than Gateway anyway...not me though! Other than there is better food to take in at Jordan Commons. But I personally like the theaters at Gateway better. Anyway, Richelle had a class at the expo from 10:30 to 12:00. Our movie started at 11:45, so I would get there about 1:45ish. I tried to call Richelle before the movie but she was already in class so I wasn't surprised that she didn't answer. Then I tried to call her after the movie and texted her. Then I went to the expo center and called her again...nothing. By this time it was about 2:05 and I decided I would give it until 2:15 to hear from her and then I would go home. She finally called me back a couple of minutes later...YAY!! She asked if I was at the expo yet, I told her yes and then she told me she wasn't. What??? Why not?? Where are you?? Turns out her daughter went into labor while she was in her class and she was now at the hospital waiting for her first grandchild! I wasn't very happy that she hadn't let me know about it before I came all the way out to Sandy especially since the only reason I was there that day was because of her. Oh well...I didn't really want to go anyway because I had plenty to do at home.

I went to Costco and stocked up on a bunch of things and got Nic some things for when he moves out. Holy crap, I spent $350!!! It sure adds up fast!! When I was loading up the car, Shawn called and said that the Jeep was over heating and he was stuck in Spanish Fork...GREAT, what a nice birthday gift for him!! I didn't have any room for him or his things in my car until I went home and unloaded. I was sad for him that he was going to have to wait even longer to get another vehicle before he could continue on his trip. By the time I rushed home and unloaded the car, he called and said that his buddy Chris was picking him up on his way...YAY! Now I didn't have to go get him and he wouldn't be delayed any longer to start his birthday weekend.

Richelle left me a message later and apologized and asked for forgiveness. Truthfully I had been pretty annoyed about it but after taking time to look at her situation, with all that was going on for her and all the excitement and craziness of leaving the expo to get to the hospital (which was at least 40 miles away), it's totally understandable how meeting me would be the last thing on her mind. Of course she is forgiven! I know she would never just blow me off. And now she's a grandma to baby Hendrix! Pretty exciting! He came about 6 weeks early and will be in the NICU for about a scary but it sounds like he will be okay. So yeah, she's a grandma and only ONE MONTH older than me!!! SOOOO glad it's her and not me!! LOL!

What a crazy day!


Becky met me at the Expo and we took a class together. We had fun! The instructor was really cute and when she took a picture of us, she also took one of herself!! Too funny! I also took another class by myself. It was an acrylic album class. I went to their booth after and bought some more to do albums on my own. We bound them using the "Bind It All" so now I know how to use mine!! YAY, I can take it out of the box! LOL!

Before our classes, we looked around at all the booths. Pretty much the only one I bought anything at was the CK Media one. They had some GREAT buys on kits and I bought a bunch. I'm really wishing I would of bought more though but it was a PAIN to get what I did get out to my car... I especially wish I would of gotten more than one of the card's AWESOME!! Dang it...

[The Big 4-0]


Shawn turned 40 today!! He has been dreading this but here it is!

I woke up early to make him breakfast in bed. I started the Orange Rolls, which I put out the night before to thaw and rise. As they were baking, I got in the shower. Yeah, I ended up leaving the dang things in too long so they were a bit over baked...dang it!! The smell woke Shawn up and he came in the kitchen and stole one! I asked him how I was supposed to serve him breakfast in bed if he wasn't in bed??? And told him to get his butt back there! Then I made him a sausage, peppers, and onion omlete. I also got him Spicy V-8 (ick...but he loves it!), orange juice, milk (I didn't over do it on the beverages or anything, eh?), pineapple and another orange roll.

After breakfast we took him his cupcakes which Teishi has made for the occasion the day before...thanks Teishi!! They were his favorites - Chocolate Peanut Butter...YUM-O-RAMA!!! It's funny, I hid them from the night before so Shawn wouldn't see them. Originally I put them in the oven but then thought better of it (especially after Teishi told me about a time she hid some in the oven, forgot they were there and turned on the oven for something else!) because I knew I would be using the oven for the orange rolls. I ended up putting them in the pantry and Shawn saw them! It didn't even dawn on him (or so he said!) that they were for him! He thought that they were for YW or something! Duh honey, your birthday is the next day!!! LOL! Oh well, I'm glad that he was surprised! He's so cute! He also got BLACK M&Ms and his usual BYU season tickets!

After breakfast and cupcakes, I went to work and the boys went to school. I only worked until 10:30 a.m. because it was the weekend for the Scrapbook USA Expo. I wasn't going to go because it is Shawn's birthday but he wanted to go to a geo-caching, hiking, camping weekend with his friends. I'm glad he had something that he loves to do on his birthday! The night before he got the Jeep out and made sure all was well for the trip. He was so excited! Unfortunately the Jeep broke down in Spanish Fork (about half way to where he was going)! I was at Costco at the time and had a car FULL of items that I had to go unload before I could go get him. By the time I got the car unload, he called and said that his buddy Chris was going to pick him up and he would finish the trip with him. YAY, he still gets to go and isn't delayed for hours like he would be if I had to go get him, go home and get a different vehicle and then go. Nice birthday though with the Jeep breaking down...dang it! Oh well, it worked out okay and he had a GREAT weekend...despite the sunburn and sore musles!

Happy Birthday baby, I LOVE you!

[CUTE Baby Invite]

I got the CUTEST baby shower invite in the MAIL:

My friend Richelle is throwing a baby shower for her daughter. I LOVE this invite and can't wait for someone in my family to have their first baby so I can copy it!! Richelle said that got this as an invite 8 years ago and has been waiting that long to use it. I hope I don't have to wait that long!

[Most Delish!]

So my cute friend Teishi is on a quest, a quest to make the PERFECT cupcake! And we are lucky enough the be tasters for her!! So far we've had lemon cupcakes...sooo good, especially the frosting!...and two versions of chocolate peanut butter. The chocolate peanut butter is our favorite so far and the second version was better than the first. I'm glad she is in search of the perfect, moist cupcake and I'm really glad we get to help her by eating them!! Thanks Teishi!

[Sick of the CRAP]

~Tuesday April 15, 2008~

Oh my gosh...this weather is killing me! Yesterday when Noah and Logan where over at my house, the weather was beautiful! We still had some snow on the back patio because the sun doesn't hit it very much but it was still awesome! My car was still at Joey and Stacia from me taking their vehicle to tote the boys around and Nic had some finishing touches to do on it at school. Soooo, I decided to walk to work. It was nice! I left about 30 minutes earlier than I would if I drove and the timing was perfect. It felt good to get in some exercise too! By the time it was time to going home, it was SNOWING!!! Shawn was still working in American Fork and the boys were both at work so I walked home anyway. I could of taken a shuttle but I wasn't sure of the schedule because I haven't taken the shuttle in a long time so I would of been out in the weather anyway and I'd rather be walking in it than just standing! I also stopped at the Post Office to mail off our taxes on the way! YAY, nothing like LAST MINUTE! But when you have to PAY, it's easy to put it off! was I WET when I got home! Seriously, I'm SOOO sick of it snowing!

UPDATE: Yah, it's MAY 1 and snowing AND sticking to the ground!! Seriously, this SUCKS!!

[Noah & Logan]

Stacia went to Seattle with Hadley Thursday afternoon and returned Tuesday morning. I watched Logan and Noah on Friday and Monday so Joey could work. It was easier to have them sleepover then have to get up early to go get them...or have Joey get up early to bring them over, so that is what we did. Both days Noah had school from 9-11:15 a.m. On Friday we just stayed at their house until Joey got home. On Monday, we stayed at their house until after lunch then went to my house. Joey came to pick them up around 5 p.m. but he had a soccer game that night so I told him to just leave them with me until after his game. We had fun watching movies, going on walks, going to the park, and just hangin' out! I sure LOVE these little guys!

[More Movies]

Alright, let's see...I've seen the following movies lately:

  • The Bucket List
  • Stop Loss
  • 21 (again!)
  • 10,000 B.C.
  • 27 Dresses
  • Drillbit Taylor
  • National Treasure
  • Vantage Point

Friday, April 4, 2008

[Last Round of Chemo!]

~Thursday 4/3/08~

YAY! Today was my Mom's last round of chemo! I really hope that now all the craziness will end! I actually went up to HCI and visited her during my lunch. I haven't seen/talked to her since Easter when she was so dang rude to my sweet hubby. I was proud of myself for biting the bullet and going up there. She was excited that it was her final day and seemed to be in fairly good spirits. In six weeks she has a CT scan and then we will know if the chemo worked. It sounds like her doctor is pretty optimistic so that's cool. Hopefully she will start feeling better and start doing things again.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

[Making Memories Warehouse Sale]

I always go to the Making Memories sale. It's twice a year and I always go. The first time I went, it was with Shawn. It was a CRAZY MADHOUSE but fun and we got some great deals. Then I started going with some friends I met through scrapbooking. We'd all meet the first morning, stand in line to get in, make a crazy dash for all the bargains, stand in line for a couple of hours to check out. It was fun to stand in line and get to know each other made the crazy line not so terrible. Then we'd all go to lunch at Lone Star. We did this for a couple of years, twice a year. Then people started to not come. Now I don't think anyone really meets up and goes to lunch. I did in the fall with my friend Lilian but she now works during the day. I've also meet up with my friend Nikki pretty regularly too. This time no one mentioned going together or meeting for lunch...myself included. I sure miss the 'tradition' we had going that is now nonexistent. The sales aren't as exciting as they used to be (I've been known to spend $500!)...a lot of that is because most of it is the same stuff they have EVERY time! Yah, I'm so not buying anymore eyelets! Anyway, it's sad that we can't count on sale time as being the two times a year that we can count on getting together...I miss it. Oh well... I still go every time! This year I planned to go on Wednesday but spur of the moment I went on Tuesday during my lunch hour. Here's the goodies I got:

[Movies of the Week]

Saw a couple of movies this week. I LOVE movies!!!

~Monday 3/31/08~

I got safety and emissions done on my car after work (it passed!!) and then met Shawn at Gateway for dinner. We went to Rumbi and had the pork platters...GOOD STUFF!! Then Shawn actually agreed to go to a movie! YAY!! He hardly EVER goes to the theater. He loves movies but he loves them on DVD. Anyway, we saw 21. Good flick! We will for sure buy this one!

~Wednesday 4/2/08~

I went with Nic to pick up his Mercury (it was getting a new exhaust system or something like that). It was out of gas so it took more time then we expected and we were almost late for the movie! We saw Shutter. It was good and NOT predictable, love that! Nic liked it too. Then we went to lunch at Taco Time...I really love tacos! It was a fun time with my boy!

After Nic left to go to Jessika's, I went to Wal-Mart and got Alvin and the Chipmunks! This movie is so dang cute and I'm glad that it's out on DVD! In January Shawn and I got the soundtrack to listen to on our trip to Idaho. Now Wal-Mart had a deal that the DVD and soundtrack together for $20! That was only $4 more than the DVD by itself! Dang it! Oh well...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

[Oh my heart...]

Tuesday morning there was an Amber alert released for a missing 7-year old girl. By that night they found her, murdered. I can't even imagine what that poor little girl went through and the panic her family felt since she went missing. The suspect lived in her apartment complex and she was found in his apartment. It's so sad and my heart breaks for her and her family. It was great to see all the community support though especially when everyone was looking for her. Nic called me and told me that some cops had come into $5 Pizza and told him that she had been found. This was before it was released to the public and I watched the news from then on until about 10:30 p.m. sobbing for her and her family. Nic said that earlier he had a pizza delivery at that apartment complex and had been searched on the way out. It was shortly after that that she was found. Unfortunately they didn't live in a very good area. I haven't seen the complex but Nic delivers there often and he says it is drug infested. Here an article from KSL about it:

Police: Girl likely killed before family knew she was missing
April 2nd, 2008 @ 10:00pm
Sandra Yi and Randall Jeppesen reporting

The Salt Lake County District Attorney's office will soon file charges against the man accused of killing 7-year-old Hser Nay Moo. Police have revealed more about the man who admitted to killing the girl.

Police arrested a neighbor and fellow Burmese refugee for the crime. Esar Met was home alone when Hser Nay Moo went to his apartment Monday afternoon. Once inside, there was a struggle, and the girl was killed. Jail documents say Met confessed to the crime and to hiding the body before leaving his apartment. Police say the 7-year-old was likely dead before her family realized she was missing.

South Salt Lake Police Chief Chris Snyder said, "It [murder] occurred within the hour, within an hour of her leaving her house. He left fairly quickly, probably before the family even knew she was missing."

Police say Hser Nay Moo knew the suspect and his roommates and had been in their apartment before. Investigators don't know if she was invited in the apartment or if she asked to come in. Police believe she was in the apartment for a while when there was an altercation. Snyder would not go into details.

According to the probable cause statement we obtained from the jail, 21-year-old Esar Met admitted to trying to confine 7-year-old Hser Nay Moo in the apartment by force, resulting in her death. It goes on to say that he admitted to trying to hide the body and other forensic evidence.

Four people living in the apartment where she was found knew the family. Police say she had been in the apartment several times. Police do not know if the family knew Met.

It's believed Met had lived in the apartment complex for about 30 days, which is as long as he has been in the country. Police say he does not have a criminal record.

The apartment has three levels. It's believed the suspect lived in the basement, and that the other four roommates never went there. The roommates were questioned and released.

Snyder would not release details on whether the girl was sexually assaulted or how she died. Police would not comment on a motive or if a weapon was found.

Snyder said an autopsy was performed Wednesday morning, but results won't be available for six to eight weeks.

Gary Keller, of the South Salt Lake Police Department, said, "We're looking at charges of aggravated kidnapping and aggravated murder. Those charges have not been formally charged yet, and it will be up to the Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office on those charges."

Wednesday afternoon, Hser Nay Moo's father declined to talk about Met. Surrounded by his two sons and an LDS Service missionary, Cartoon Wah only had words of thanks. He spoke through an interpreter.

"I thank all the news crews who have helped in showing the story of my daughter, and I thank all of Salt Lake City for the help and the comfort and the inner strength you have provided for me and my family," he said.

He says the family is also leaning on their faith to cope with the loss of their little girl. "But I had one daughter in this world, and I loved her the most. And my two sons, they loved their little sister very much as well. And in this world, you can't find another to replace her."

There was a special Mass Wednesday night at Salt Lake's Cathedral of the Madeleine. The Mass was to mark the third anniversary of the passing of Pope John Paul the second, but also included a special blessing for young murder victim Hser Nay Moo, her family, and the community in general.

A friend says the young girl's family prayed, read from the Bible, and sang Christian songs in their apartment late into Tuesday night after learning of her death.