Monday, October 13, 2008



After a couple of reschedules, today was the day for me to start donating plasma. I was really excited to make some extra money to save for a house. If I go twice a week, I can make $280/month...YAY!

Unfortunately, I don't have good enough veins and I'm NOT a candidate! That sucks... This would of been an awesome way to make extra money. The place I was going to go to is in my office building so it would of been so dang convenient. Sigh, oh well...

Nic has been doing this for awhile and loves making the extra money. At least he can benefit from it.


Nic is no longer going to donate plasma. He had a very bad experience and passed out! He felt like crap the rest of the day. This pretty much scared him away which he is sad about because this was a good way for him to make extra money.

[Yale Ward]


For awhile there have been rumors that some changes would be made in our Ward...boundary changes or something. The rumors have been confirmed! Tonight at 7 pm there was a 'special' meeting at the Stakehouse for the Yale I (us) and the Yale II wards. Sounded like a merge and sure enough, it was. During church, there were a lot of mixed emotions about the potential merge. It seems like the youth/kids are going to handle it better than the adults. We'll see...

At the meeting everyone was released from their jobs but asked to continue them while new people were called. Our new bishop is from the old Yale II ward so I personally don't know him at all. One of his counselors is from Yale I and the other from Yale II. I wonder what my job will be. I'm kind of bummed that I most likely won't be in Young Womens anymore. I've had an idea for the binder I want to make and just recently started on it. Now it will probably be for nothing! Bummer...

Also during the meeting, the Stake President (Clark Hinckley) gave a history of the stake and our building. It was pretty fascinating and I hope to get a copy of it. There have been quite a few changes over the years in this neighborhood.

It's going to be exciting to see what happens and to get to know more people!