Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water Leak!

August 5, 2009

Our lawn has been saturated around the sprinkler valves / water meter. Shawn had a sprinkler guy come check it out and he determined that it was the water main. So Lehi City came out today to fix it.

They will be back in a week or so to lay new sod. Now our water is back on and I was able to take a shower and get to work!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our House, in the Middle of Our Street

I'm so glad we are finally in our house! It was a long time coming and I think we got a great one.

There are some things we are required to do to the house per the HOA that were approved in the original plans. We have to put up a rail on the front porch, it has to be painted the color of the slats, black shutters on the three windows, a chimney cap, bushes and trees in the yard, etc. It's going to be a pain and the look will change a bit. There are also things inside that need to be done: blinds throughout, handles on the drawers in the kitchen and bathrooms, etc. The joys (and expense) of a foreclosure home...heck, just a home in general. But it's OURS and we love it!!!

View of Utah lake from our front yard

Moving Day...Days...

May 9, 2009

Moving day is finally here!

Over the past week Shawn and I took loads to the new house and there is still sooo much to move! I can't believe how much crap we have. I so hate moving. I don't want to do this again...ever!

I forgot to take pictures of all our stuff, the moving truck, etc. Dang it, but I was just too stinkin' busy! Oh well...

The only photos I took were goofing around ones:

Brandon and Logan
climbing the tree and jumping to Joey

Justin and Joey wound the kids up with packing
supplies. It was nice to have some fun after
working so hard all day.


And some of the adults...wait, it's Stacia, she's a kid too!!

By the time we were unloading, we were EXHAUSTED! It was about killing Shawn to take our cabinets up to the loft. Luckily our friend Ranes came over to help. He seriously saved us. We are so grateful for all the help we had today.

Now we have the chore of getting everything in the house and unpacking...sigh... Did I mention I hate this??

May 10, 2009
Mother's Day

Oh yay...Happy Mother's Day to me. Guess I'm doing?? Yah, unpacking...this sucks! Oh well, we will celebrate next week.