Wednesday, July 16, 2008

[George Ramon (Ray) Hoecherl]


My aunt Debi called me the morning of July 9, 2008 to tell me that my Grandpa Hoecherl died. After his second wife died in March, he'd been living with his youngest daughter Mindy and her family. Apparently he'd been outside watering flowers in the backyard and died out there. Mindy's daughter Katie and her friend found him 1-2 hours later and called 911. Katie (she's 11) did CPR on him until the paramedics got there. Because he was out in the sun and water for who knows how long, he looked pretty bad. I hope Katie is able to deal with this okay...poor kid.

I offered to go with Debi, Mindy and T to make arrangements for the funeral as a representative of my Dad's family. I'm so glad I did...I really think they appreciated it and I think I was even a help!

Debi and Mindy really wanted to do a 'wake' in celebration of his life and T really wanted a traditional funeral. We ended up doing both and it turned out really nice. Instead of doing the traditional viewing the night before, we did the family/close friends only wake. It was at Stark's Funeral Parlor and they did a very nice job. Hors d'oeuvres where served along with water/punch while everyone mingled and reminisced about Grandpa. A room was set up for the kids with movies and kid snacks. It was really nice.

The funeral the next day was nice too. Everyone on the program did a great job and I loved that Grandpa's kids wanted to involve every family as much as possible. A few things were placed in the casket with him that reminded us of him. He has worn Elsha cologne forever and it is definitely a 'Grandpa' scent for me. I added Wrigley's Spearmint Gum. He always had this gum ready to give to us.

In the obituary below the part that says "Pugsley" was my idea even though some didn't want it in. I really appreciate that everyone compromised and was willing to work with others needs/wants. Anyway, the reason I wanted it in there was my Dad always called his Dad "Pugsley" and his Mom "Mugsley" (my Dad had a nickname for everyone!) and I thought it was a nice touch to have a part of him there.

Debi's kids were very close to Grandpa, he has been the constant father figure in their lives. I love the pictures I got of Mike kissing the casket and Seth saluting it, I just wish I could of captured it better but I did the best I could with everyone walking around. I know Debi will love them.

I no longer have any grandparents alive... Even though I didn't see my Grandpa very often and didn't have a very close relationship with him, I have great memories and will miss him especially his sense of humor (love it!). Love you Grandpa!

George Ramon (Ray) Hoecherl Together At Last Our loving father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend reunited with his bride of 58 years on July 9th, 2008.He was born the first of four boys on April 21, 1929 in Salt Lake City, Utah to George and Ethel Hoecherl. After a whirlwind courtship he married the love of his life, Verda Elaine Smith on November 29th, 1947. Their marriage was later solemnized in the Salt Lake Temple. He was devoted to his family and worked hard for them his whole life. He served faithfully in many church callings and was a significant support to his wife in her lifelong work with handicapped youth. He was a good man who taught us by example. He loved to tell jokes and stories. We love and miss you, Pugsley. He is survived by his children, T (Valerie), daughter-in-law, Sally, Debi Ellis, Troy (Pam), Mindy (Patrick) Jones; 28 grandchildren; 41 great-grandchildren with three on the way; brother, Lee (Patty). In addition to his wife, Verda he is preceded in death by his son, Kirk; second wife Elizabeth; brothers Bill and Larry; and a great-grandson, Cody. Funeral Services will be held on Monday, July 14th at 11 a.m. at the Meadowview Ward, 4575 W. 5415 S., Kearns, with a viewing one hour prior to services. Online condolences may be offered to the family at

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I seriously don't understand why people are so rude and inconsiderate about their pets and don't take responsibility for them or what they do. I just don't get it...

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Every year my Mom's family has a swim party on the 4th of July. It's a reunion but not an extended family least not very extended. All my Mom's brothers and sisters and their families come. It doesn't go above that though. It's nice to see everyone though. Other than weddings or funerals, this is the only time we see some of the family.

Hey, we should start an auction to help pay for it! Neal and Karla (they live next door to my Mom) always host it because it's their pool and usually provide the meat (hamburgers/hot dogs/chicken). The rest is potluck. An auction could help with fund the meat. I don't want to suggest it though because I don't want to head it up! This year Bob (my Mom's youngest brother) did smoked ribs, brisket, and salmon. It was pretty good but I'm not a huge fan of smoked anything but with lots of BBQ sauce it was delish! I know this was a huge expense for him so a reunion fund might be kinda nice... hmmm, I'll have to think about it...



The Conlin Family reunion this year was at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho. It was a little bit lame but everyone seemed to have fun visiting. I did too other than I don't know hardly any of the extended family...I guess that's why they have reunions and I should of taken advantage of it. I've never really been into reunions with extended family. I should do better... I just visited with Shawn's family and his cousins that I've known forever (actually some of them before I knew him!!) We also got to see his second cousins that we know from when we lived in Soda Springs, Idaho (they grew up there). This is the first year Shawn has gone in FOREVER! Actually I don't think I've been in a long time either... I went to one last year without him but I think in was one on his Mom's side and I went because she was in charge of it. No wait, I think it was on Shawn's Dad's mother's side...heck, I don't know!! Like I said, we haven't really been into reunions...

They did a small auction, the same item in different styles. I think it should of been bigger with more people involved, but I don't think that enough to organize it...I would participate though! It would of been kinda fun to do some vinyl stuff or something. Anyway, Shawn's Mom (Angie) made some post things that sit on your porch. They were a hot item and I think they all sold for a good price to help build up the reunion fund. They turned out cute but it's not something I'd have on my porch (just not my style but I can still appreciate them!). They look cute on Angie's porch!

Cindy Conlin blogged about the reunion here. She is one of the cousins that grew up in Soda Springs.


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Yay! I finally got a pedicure for the summer (now that June is dang near over!). I love having nice, painted toenails...even if my feet are fat and ugly!